enfeoffment in a sentence

enfeoffment meaning:

To give a feud, or right in land, to; to invest with a fief or fee; to invest any one) with a freehold estate by the process of feoffment.

enfeoffment sentence:

After the payment of my just debts, I do give unto my loving wife the use and enfeofment of my whole estate in housing, lands and moveables.

The enfeoffment of abbeys differed in form and degree.

Such symbolic acts were an extension of the ritual sequence constituting the investiture or enfeofment of the feudal lord.

It was shown in the appearence of the idea of advocating morality and protecting people, the practice of the system of enfeoffment and patriarchal clan system and the system of civilized autocracy.

The system of enfeoffment as well as the system of prefectures and counties were the embodied form of the relation of the central authority and local administrations under the autocratic monarch.