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"91.html 43,941 adherent statistic citations: membership and geography data for 4,300+ religions, churches, tribes, etc." A would-be adherent is expected to prove his determination and talent, clearly expressing his wishes and showing that he had made progress on his own towards realizing the Tao.

The epithet seems to imply that Theodore was an adherent of the Meletian party, but there is no evidence that he was involved in the feuds which preoccupied the catholics of Antioch during Flavian's office.

The Mason is called a "true Noahida", i.e. an adherent of the pre-Christian and pre-Mosaic system of undivided mankind." Though he acknowledged the "Folksong revival" he never really became an adherent to it and furthermore he avoids many of the clichs described and criticized in Constant Lambert 's "Music Ho!".

To this end, Neil Cole, an adherent of simple church, states that "buildings, budgets, and big shots," tend to do more to contain Christianity than allow it to spread (The Organic Church, Cole).

The boats of the era were either too big or too small, too tricky or too slow, most were far too expensive and of the remaining classes many were not particularly adherent to the One-Design principles.

As a tireless opponent of societal corruption, the Question was an adherent of Objectivism during his career as a minor Charlton hero (much like Ditko's earlier creation, Mr. A ).

Moses Hess (at that time close to Marx) and Szeliga (pseudonym of Franz Zychlin von Zychlinski, an adherent of Bruno Bauer) also replied to Stirner.

At the same time the fears of the more sober and respectable citizens were allayed by Otho's liberal professions of his intention to govern equitably, and by his judicious clemency towards Marius Celsus, consul-designate, a devoted adherent of Galba.

But Severus was no indiscriminating adherent of monasticism.

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