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The Scientific Advisory Panel is a panel of experts from various disciplines from whom ad hoc Expert Committees are formed to advise AMANET on specific research and scientific issues.

The referndum was held after an ad hoc constitutional law was adopted.

Field Marshal Count Helmuth von Moltke expressed strategy as a system of "ad hoc expedients" by which a general must take action while under pressure.

The first few homotopy groups of spheres can be computed using ad hoc variations of the ideas above; beyond this point, most methods for computing homotopy groups of spheres are based on spectral sequences (Ravenel 2003).

May 7, 1927. This ad hoc committee met again three days later to not only consider the Justice building relocation but also to considered a plan to create a single building ringing Federal Triangle rather than six to eight individual structures.

After that first transplant on an HIV-positive patient, an ad hoc Committee was established at the CNT to determine whether that type of transplant should be carried out, and nearly three years later a final approval was issued.

At high mobility, the control overhead involved in updating table entries is almost the same as that of DSDV and hence is not suitable for highly dynamic and also for a very large ad hoc wireless network.

In practice, ad hoc mode is "terrible to use".

ad hoc variants Any of the above games can be modified in many ways upon player whim, by designating additional wild cards, betting rounds, more or fewer cards, altered hand values, and any other change agreed upon by all players prior to each deal.

A Correlation database is a database management system (DBMS) that is data model independent and designed to efficiently handle unplanned, ad hoc queries in an analytical system environment.

The ad hoc judges are appointed by the Chief Justice on the recommendation of the Judicial Council.

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