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A few of these contain 2 or more sub-parameters, like SPACE (how much disk space to allocate to a new file) and DCB (detailed specification of a file's layout) in the example above.

It is for this reason, Reanne Frank argues, that attempts to allocate individuals into ancestry groupings based on genetic information have yielded varying results that are highly dependent on methodological design.

Because the United States and Canada still allocate the first band for television broadcasting (VHF channels 7 to 13) and the United States reserves the L band for military applications, DMB is still unavailable in North America..

Yet, as highlighted in the ABC news report, the failure of the previous Government to allocate digital spectrum has left Community Television "in limbo".

IO/PO pair The simplest coupon tranching is to allocate the coupon stream to an IO, and the principal stream to a PO.

They also work with the 40 staff at the Chest office to accomplish their fundraising target each year and allocate these funds to 141 social welfare agencies.

formative assessments are: For Learning - The purpose of formative assessment is to enhance learning not to allocate grades.

Pointers can also be used to allocate and deallocate dynamic variables and arrays in memory.

He was also permitted to transfer holy vessels to the Temple in Jerusalem, and a decree was given to the government treasurers to allocate them with money, wheat, wine and oil.

Economics generally is the study of how people allocate scarce resources among alternative uses.

Prepayment Tranching The principal (and associated coupon) stream for CMO collateral can be structured to allocate prepayment risk.

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