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A side-effect of this is that it is possible to author a file that is both a working ZIP archive and another format, provided that the other format tolerates arbitrary data at its end, beginning, or middle.

To its ancient detractors the democracy was reckless and arbitrary.

Whereas the ordinary Cardan grille has arbitrary perforations, if his method of cutting holes is applied to the white squares of a chess board a regular pattern results.

Any information processing platform that allows the construction of arbitrary Boolean functions is called universal, and as result, this class CNN processors are commonly referred to as universal CNN processors.

This type of method can be used to find the area of an arbitrary section of a parabola, and similar arguments can be used to find the integral of any power of x, although higher powers become complicated without algebra.

Otherwise if the expression is a symbol followed by an arbitrary expression e.2 followed by the same symbol, replace it with the expression .

The interior operator of X distributes over arbitrary intersections of subsets.

This is valuable because (1) most calculi are fairly wild in the sense that they are rather general and not much can be said about arbitrary processes; and (2) computational applications rarely exhaust the whole of a calculus.

He protested against the arbitrary decision of the Spanish authorities in the Americas, and gave Luisa the category of being confined.

There is extensive support for numeric computations, to arbitrary precision, as well as symbolic computation and visualization.

The employer had claimed that the Board's order was arbitrary and capricious.

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