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A state would create a committee to adopt standards, and choose a performance-based assessment to assess whether the students knew the required content or could perform the required tasks.

A number of the flights were to assess the performance of the new Siemens naviagation aids under development.

That predicted response can be compared to the expected background and/or interferences (nuclides other than the one sought), to assess the monitor's detection capability.

This unique group came together in 2002 to assess our urban region's strengths and challenges and shape a framework for action that could move the region forward over the next five to 10 years.

The Coimisin recommended a comprehensive linguistic study of the Gaeltacht be established to accurately assess the vitality of the Irish language in the remaining Gaeltacht districts.

E. Improving achievement and progression: to improve outcomes in literacy, language and numeracy provision and progression onto further learning and to assess the impact on social inclusion and economic outcomes.

Auerbach JS ("Validation of two scales for narcissistic personality disorder", J Pers Assess.

anecdotal and empirical evidence shows that individuals with high cultural intelligence-either innate or cultivated-will more effectively assess their circumstances and choose the right actions.

Epo administration during optic nerve transaction was used to assess the neuroprotective properties in vivo as well as demonstrate the neuroregenerative capabilities.

Tools For Individuals The "I Opt model uses a 24-statement survey to assess preferences.

A fourth study will assess the potential efficacy of the entire sequence of courses on teacher knowledge and student science achievement.

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