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A gunshot finally rings out, and the glass falls from calamity's hand, but it wasn't katie who fired; it was Bill, who lets katie take all the credit.

Faar sank into the sea in an unknown calamity, but a dome was constructed that protects the people from the ocean's crushing weight.

Roman sources view the Battle of Carrhae not only as a calamity for Rome and a disgrace on the record of Marcus Crassus, but a tragedy of Publius Crassus in cutting short a promising career.

With financial affairs in a state of calamity, Vitellius took the initiative of killing citizens who named him as their heir, often together with any co-heirs.

We must keep alive aspirations which can remain valid throughout the longest and darkest period of universal calamity and degradation." In 1988, realizing that the Madi and Acholi-Madi people had been taken in by the calamity brought by the polarization in the society, in order to stop further tragedies, the Madi and Acholi elders decided that the warring parties reach out to each other.

A similar term, ilat, means an accident, misfortune or a calamity.

During his final examination by the doctor he states that, "Hereafter in calamity I'll be sure to call for Jane." This was done to give the municipality of Schiermonnikoog the possibility to act in case of a calamity or disaster.

Her unconfirmed claim was that: : "It was during this campaign that I was christened calamity Jane.

The Sanjan inscriptions tell of king Amoghavarsha I sacrificing a finger from his left hand at the Lakshmi temple at kolhapur to avert a calamity in his kingdom.

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