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Upon the event of restructuring, Bonifacio was given carte blanche to appoint a committee tasked with setting up a new government; he would also be in charge of this committee.

; carte blanche : unlimited authority; literally "white card" (i.e. blank check ). ; carte de visite : a calling card, literally "visiting card".

carte blanche He has massive experience in helping develop rural communities and, in particular, helps spread knowledge on building using unburnt bricks.

The secrets of project Coast The television show carte blanche dedicated an investigation into a number of these allegations.

The Teutonic Order received the territory of prussia via golden bulls from the Emperor and papal edict, which gave them effective carte blanche as owners of a new Christianized state in the region.

There was the usual panic at westminster, but, unfortunately for Charles, it resulted in Fairfax being directed to abandon the siege of Oxford and given carte blanche to bring the Royal army to battle wherever it was met.

"The MAI was a carte blanche for businesses investing in a country," says Oxfam policy advisor Ruth Mayne.

Under pressure from the Israel lobby, 89 out of 100 senators and at least 280 congressmen recently demanded Bush give Sharon carte blanche to crush palestine.

"Actors have carte blanche to ad lib extensively, says Marshall.

But DeLauro and other Democratic lawmakers argue that the president is asking for carte blanche to secretly negotiate a trade deal that would cost American jobs, weaken food safety and financial regulations and undermine environmental and labor standards.

"But we cannot give it carte blanche." 21 more results not shown.

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