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1996/414 * Railways Act 1993 (Consequential Modifications) (No.

That provision has always been understood as referring only to a direct appropriation, and not to consequential injuries resulting from the exercise of lawful power.

In high shear environments created by opposing low level jet winds and synoptic winds, updrafts and consequential downdrafts can be much more intense (common in supercell mesocyclones).

Consequential strangers can also support intimate ties, especially in the family.

The Meeting decided that although the issue was fundamental and just, it was too difficult and consequential for them to judge, and would need to be considered further.

But in pursuing these matters, he eventually found himself analysing and explaining what meaning is, and thus came to several conclusions that proved highly consequential for the subsequent course of analytic philosophy and the philosophy of language.

20/1937 - Executive Powers (Consequential Provisions) Act, 1937 *No.

Gravitational red shift The local conservation of energy, and the consequential variation in rest mass, demand that gravitational mass is treated under the de Broglie wave theory.

People are committed to their intimates, less so to their consequential strangers.

And because of the lack of familiarity in these various different situations, it is necessary to communicate in more "elaborated patterns of speech with consequential strangers than with loved ones.

1994/2519 * Railways Act 1993 (Consequential Modifications) (No.

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