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A happy ending! as if the living martyrdom that Lear had gone through, the flaying of his feelings alive, did not make a fair dismissal from the stage of life the only decorous thing for him.

In this environment, where the two apparently contrary tribes interact, age is irrelevant, the setting is defined and dialogue is short and decorous on all parts.

There was a decorous rustling sound behind my head, and Sasha took Willoughby's place waiting to be petted.

Garcia shouted back across the fairway in less than decorous language.

He even chased the media splash in interviews with the Danish press, where they translated "we're f--ked" into its more decorous Danish equivalent, "on our a--," plastering those dispiriting words in large-type headlines all across the country.

"My father was a very decorous man and he gave his friends only his best calligraphy, Tung Ming said, adding that he was glad his father's works have been "returned to their "most ideal home at the museum.

Powerful stuff, which Howard handles in a manner that could best be described as decorous.

"The oldest, most decorous buildings have mechanisms that can protect them, said kelly, of historic Seattle.

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