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Ral lvarez Garn, Scrates Campos Lemus, Marcelino Perell, and Gilberto Guevara Niebla served as the four de facto leaders of the CNH.

In the user-driven or participatory design paradigm, some of the users become actual or de facto members of the design team.

Partly as a result of Western commitment to the kurds, Iraqi troops were withdrawn from the kurdish regions in October 1991 and these areas assumed de facto independence.

Janissaries were taught to consider the corps as their home and family, and the Sultan as their de facto father.

Most scholars outside the PRC say that during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Tibet was de facto independent while Ming nominal suzerainty remained.

However, in many cases where squatters had de facto ownership, laws have been changed to legitimize their status.

This choice marked the future path of Reggio under the seignory of that family, as Obizzo continued to rule de facto after his mandate has ceased.

BD-J is also emerging as a possible de facto high-end standard for the interactive television industry.

The station also serves as the de facto Telemundo affiliate for the West Palm Beach market.

At first, Stefan Dragutin was a vassal of the Hungarian king, but since the central power in the kingdom of Hungary collapsed, both, Stefan Dragutin and Ugrin Cak were de facto independent rulers.

In 1167 Manuel I komnenos briefly restored the empire's de facto rule over most of Dalmatia ( 1168 - 1180 ).

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