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A group of 2,000 light troops stayed behind, where they lit large campfires to dupe the Carthaginians into thinking the Greeks were staying put.

Uk Series 2 2.1 Simon Charles - An inventment broker who manages to dupe everybody else into investing in a faulty deal that later collapsed.

From boobs job, dupe Ozolua now gives hope to the less privileged.

A trio of scammer aliens dupe the crew into signing petitions and providing their e-mail addresses.

The NSC then sends him to Arcadia to protect Congressman DeMarco from the vigilante X. X attacks the congressman and Titan chases him, confronting both Scream and Monster, before X convinces him he is a dupe for a drug lord.

X-Factor 48 Taking Doom to an old lab, he creates a Doomlock and turns on them, bringing forth Cortex, the rogue Madrox dupe.

It was Fatale's misfortune that the dupe had no moral or physical difficulty with breaking her right arm.

Galesko then kills his captive, and proceeds to meet Deschler at a staged ransom drop, where he proceeds to kill his unsuspecting dupe.

Fitzdottrel is most enthusiastic about the first, and Meercraft convinces his dupe that he will soon be elevated to the peerage as the Duke of the Drowned Lands.

In order to continue the charade and dupe the old lady, he and his boss kidnap and kill the dog, Meri, leading to his problems with the ghost dog.

Lynx switched bodies with Serge to dupe the biological check of Chronopolis on the Frozen Flame.

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