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;be on fire for God:to have a strong witness ;lay out a fleece:to ask God to answer a specific request, as a means of determining whether a prior word from God was genuine.

Others will wash the whole fleece.

Their challenge was that fastidious wool producers in Britain and Australia marketed a higher quality fleece than the careless Americans, and that British manufacturers had costs as low as the American mills.

PET has a resin identification code of 1. One of the uses for a recycled PET bottle is for the manufacture of polar fleece material.

Typical mass shearing of sheep today follows a well-defined workflow: remove the wool, throw the fleece onto the wool table, skirt, roll and class the fleece, place it in the appropriate wool bin, press and store the wool until it is transported.

By late spring this causes the fleece to begin to peel away from the body, and it may then be plucked by hand without cutting this is known as rooing.

The usage of heat resistant and non-decomposing synthetic insulation fleece, 5 mm thick, 500 gr / m, can reduce steaming time by about 30%.

1881 : Braun is appointed knight of the Order of the Golden fleece (kanzler des Goldenen Vlies) until his death.

Later Thorvaldsen revealed to Stephanie about the whereabouts of "The Chairs", that it's a re-created "Die Ordnung vom Goldenen Vlies" ( The Order of the Golden fleece ) - a European economic cartel.

The southwest type is the finer, with a Bradford count of forty or so, generally classed as short or medium, ewes fleece of 3 to 4 1/2 lb. greasy.

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