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"Bad Attitude: Confronting the Views That Hinder Student's Learning" American Educator.

It has powers identical to the Safeguard, but cannot directly control the Safeguard - although it can hinder them.

The occupation of Messana gave the Carthaginians control over the Strait of Messina and a harbor that could house their entire fleet, and also put them in a position to hinder naval traffic between Italy and Sicily.

Wycliffe's books (at Prague) In 1410 John Wycliffe 's books were burnt by the illiterate Prague archbishop Zbynek Zajic z Hzmburka in the court of his palace in Lesser Town of Prague to hinder the spread of Jan Hus 's teaching.

These threats hinder the ecological importance of grassland communities.

The same day the BCP spread a brochure among the people urging "to hinder by all means the usage of Bulgarian land and soldiers for the criminal purposes of German fascism".

Attempts were made to hinder them with arrows, but these only served to irritate the attackers further, and, in a matter of minutes the gate and much of the southern wall was reduced to ruin.

The southern side of the walls was destroyed and the other three remained as they did not hinder urban growth.

Also, bodily infirmity can sometimes hinder spiritual health.

For they will hinder the inroads of the barbarians, and so you shall enjoy peace on the other side of the Humber." Furthermore, they were not suited for participating in sieges, however these two setbacks did not hinder armies such as the Mongols at all.

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