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13); "satiguru purakh daial hoi vahiguru sachu mantra sunaia", "the holy Master in his grace imparted to the seeker the sacred incantation Vahiguru" *(XI.

Each part of the ritual also requires an incantation by one or more trained magicians, perfectly pronounced or sung, in perfect timing and pitch.

In one final struggle against Mola Ram for the Sankara stones, Indiana invokes an incantation, causing the stones to glow red hot.

As a replacement for the Cosmic Egg's power, Morgaine finds a new source of energy for her incantation-the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

She thought it would be funny to re-draw the incantation and not tell Yoriko.

Flynn begins to finish the incantation.

Earlier, every spell cast by the principal characters had been accompanied by the appropriate voiced incantation, although advanced adult practitioners of magic had cast nonverbal spells in previous books.

According to Cowan, the slaughter temporarily weakened the new confidence in Pai-marire, but chief prophet Te Ua had a satisfying explanation: that those who fell were to blame because they did not repose absolute faith in the karakia, or incantation.

The last words are the incantation that resurrects the countess.

The work was printed with annexes or reputed Talmudic magic names, words and incantation, many taken from Christian biblical passages.

This was known as the incantation and continued as the regular show open for "The Marconi Experiment" on WMMR.

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