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A prisoner's dilemma with close kin, for example, changes the pay-off matrix into one in which it is rational to be cooperative.

The true nature of the kin is still a subject of much discussion among the fans of the games.

This seems illogical, as kin selection favors behaviors that promote the well-being of closely related individuals.

Any behavior contrary to that end threatens humanity's survival and the survival of one's neighbors, kin, and descendants.

Daughters of the Canton Delta p. 100. The family preferred to adopt patrilineally-related male kin, Stockard, Janice.

Occasionally an award for Gallantry may be made posthumously and in this case The Queen presents the decoration or medal to the recipient's next-of-kin in private before the public Investiture begins.

kin agreed to care for the 11 additional children and the ladies promised to send money to help the children.

Andromache's name means strength of a man in the language of her kin, possibly Iberians that migrated to Thebe Under Plakos.

Another hint that the kin are capable of Shifting is that after being born in Arcadia, April was then transferred to Stark - apparently by her progenitor, since she was unlikely to Shift herself as an infant.

However, at the time of death, the person's next-of-kin will still be asked to sign a consent form for donation.

See also * Gene-centered view of evolution * kin selection * Reproductive success External links * Test simulations: :* :* Sources * Campbell, N., Reece, J., et al.

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