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1149) authored a work The Microcosm containing many ideas indebted to Israeli.

This historic game would prove a microcosm of much about the league: * Largely thanks to Paul Brown's innovations in organization and coaching, MacCambridge, pg.

Feri FAQ v. 8.2, 02/06 Compiled and answered by Veedub (Valerie Walker) Another energetic tool which takes the essence of the Iron Pentacle (microcosm) and expands it outward (macrocosm).

Pinda-Brahmanda Tattva The concept of the Pi??a-Brahma??a is that the body (pi??a) is a replica of the Universe (Brahma??a), or microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm.

The Ancient Japanese considered the Go board to be a microcosm of the universe.

The village of Barareh is believed by many be a microcosm of Iran itself.

This work is reported in Fountain et al (1990) where we published our initial design guidelines for Microcosm together with a desciption of the first prototype implementation.

The Dojo is a microcosm of life and by training sincerely we learn about ourselves and about others.

During the ballot Ripon became a microcosm of the disillusionment that the Labour Party is now experiencing from its supporters nationally.

A new architectural computer system, however, makes a very good attempt at addressing the shortfalls, albeit within the microcosm of the building industry.

It is how we think, of course, that fosters the capacity of art to act as microcosm, analogy or metaphor.

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