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conceptual Framework Working Group of the millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

During the half millennium of the Republic, Rome rose from a regional power of the Latium to the dominant force in Italy and beyond.

In the sixth millennium BC Andalusia experiences the arrival of the first agriculturalists.

Story Background Over a millennium ago, in a far away part of the galaxy, a huge interstellar war had taken place.

The plan called for a manned launch in October 1999, prior to the new millennium.

For the first half of the 3rd millennium, only very rough chronological matching of archaeological dates with written records is possible.

Synopsis Universal Groove is an opportunity to step in the pre millennium underground party scene through the eyes of eight people who all tap into the Universal Groove-that moment when the party connects everyone to each other.

Against Marcion, book 3 chp 25 After millennium, world's destruction and Heaven "Of the heavenly kingdom this is the process.

However, the TV series does not follow the plot of the manga, as the Major and millennium do not exist in it.

History When the Third Dynasty of Ur slowly collapsed in at the end of the third millennium BCE, a power vacuum was left that the larger city-states scrambled to fill.

This led to the success of her concert at Hollywood Palladium in October 1995. At the turn of the millennium, Shohreh continued releasing more albums outreaching her popularity beyond the borders of Iran.

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