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"Multiplicity", from Buffy the Vampire Slayer magazine (Uk, May 2000), page 8-9.

Townsends work regards a multiplicity of terminology for the definition of poverty in that what is said as poverty be it broke, be it destituton or underprivlaged it counts and is poverty.

In addition, the individual contributions of artists known and unknown add to the multiplicity and complexity of this single project, which, finally, can be appreciated as a work of art in itself.

Between them, the collections span the world, offering a multiplicity of perspectives of twentieth-century history.

"On the multiplicity of cross/parallel distinctions".

What had protected Egypt so long was the multiplicity of Persia's enemies, the large number of wars that were continually being waged and the want of a bold, energetic, and warlike monarch.

The formation of various artistic assemblies led to the multiplicity of meaning in the visual arts.

klein and Wangyal, 2006, p. 48 There can be found within Dzogchen a sense of Reality as limitless wholeness, a multiplicity which is yet all of one 'taste', which is a borderless wholeness.

One benefit of the Structural paradigm is that test generation can focus on testing a limited number of relatively simple circuit elements rather than having to deal with an exponentially exploding multiplicity of functional states and state transitions.

The name is derived from their multiplicity of mouths, through which they constantly ingest the stories conveyed by the waters.

Two sets differing only in one or both of the: Order in which their members are listed; Multiplicity of one or more members, :are in fact the same set.

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