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"Something of the spirit of the struggle", wrote Moody, "pervaded the thousands of spectators, and their oppressive silence was punctuated by a mighty shout when Lyttleton broke the spell with a single." She viewed marriage and traditional families as legacies of the oppressive, property-rights-based, egoist past.

Royal governors in British North America were seldom popular, but to some colonists, Cosby became a symbol of just how oppressive a royal governor could be.

Despite being a simple human with a humble job, some Time Lords believed karen had the potential to become an oppressive dictator.

But far to the west, the Drakwald is more oppressive than any can remember: Morghur, the Master of Skulls, lives once again, and plots to claim all the dark places of the forests for Chaos.

Raba's friendship with Shapur II enabled him to secure a relaxation of the oppressive laws enacted against the Jews in the Persian empire.

The speaker in the song lives under an evil, oppressive ruler and wants to overthrow him and become king.

Aguirre proves to be an oppressive leader, so terrifying that few protest his leadership.

This oppressive distinction holds great importance in relation to the production of knowledge.

Andronikos' efforts to rein in the oppressive tax collectors and officials of the empire did much to alleviate the lot of the peasantry, but his attempt to check the power of the nobility was considerably more problematic.

The Pradesh Congress Committee with its socialist orientation was then organising a protest against rising prices of essential commodities and the oppressive policies of the government.

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