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9209 (5th Cir. 1984) (closing parenthesis in original has been omitted).

For works with text, the first line is typically given, followed by the name of the poet in parenthesis.

In addition, it is common to write an argument of a function without parenthesis, which also may lead to ambiguity.

The symmetry groups listed are the full groups with the rotation subgroups given in parenthesis (likewise for the number of symmetries).

Comments can be inserted anywhere by enclosing them in parenthesis.

Thus, (a b) denotes the binary tree whose left subtree is a and whose right subtree is b. Strings of balanced pairs of parenthesis may therefore be used to denote binary trees in general.

Genesis 2 is a simple linear narrative, with the exception of the parenthesis about the four rivers at Genesis 2:10-14.

Jones put a quotation from the Gododdin at the beginning of each of the seven sections of In Parenthesis.

These zamindars were abolished after the formation of the Indian Union in 1947. Zamindaris of Rajus Main article: Raju Zamindaris Zamindars and the families that controlled them in parenthesis.

The load rating is often included within the parenthesis, e.g.

"A note of introduction," In Parenthesis.

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