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polytheism has developed twice independtly and on very different ways.

God warns men and women that they should not allow themselves to be deceived by Satan and fall into disobedience (disbelief, polytheism and sins) which will eventually lead them to Hell.

This is felt as being uncomfortably close to the Christian Trinity, or indeed to Greek polytheism.

In contrast, Hinduism's belief in God can be variously categorized as monotheism, monism, henotheism or polytheism.

This was more to preserve the logical precision of the argument than due to a penchant for polytheism.

Religion Main article: Lusitanian mythology The Lusitanians worshipped various gods in a very diverse polytheism, using animal sacrifice.

Polytheistic definitions The distinguishing characteristic of polytheism is its belief in more than one god(dess).

When Josiah was killed, his successors reinstituted polytheism.

That also was in the polytheism of the times.

Non-Christian monotheists criticize this belief as a form of polytheism; something Christians deny.

The Druze Faith by Sami Nasib Makarem In their desire to maintain a rigid confession of unity, they stripped from God all attributes ( tanzih ) which may lead to polytheism ( shirk ).

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