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catholic apologists retort that these arguments against apostolic succession overstate the Church's teachings about apostolic succession's effect on Christian unity and downplay the doctrine's sacramental aspects.

When Tina accidentally bumped into her during their first meeting, Mayu reprimanded her in English, while the out-of-practice Tina struggled to recall an appropriate retort in her native language.

Due to the high temperatures involved, the retort usually made of heat resistant alloys that resist oxidation.

Again, the Post-Dispatch spoke of the scene within the cremation vault through a portal in the door of the furnace: "There is an opening in the door of the retort about two inches in diameter, through which the process can be seen.

Pushmataha responded to Jackson's retort stating that he knew the land they were being offered was inferior to the land they were being asked to give up.

In a nod to their role on The Muppet Show, when Scrooge chalks their appearance up to indigestion-"There's more of gravy than the grave about you"- they retort with "What a terrible pun!" and "Leave comedy to the bears Ebenezer!" Thus, it allowed proper placement of the remains in the cremation chamber, and allowed the opening of the retort to be sealed properly for maximum combustion.

In each of the film's three acts, Ralphie makes his case to another individual; each time he is met by the same retort.

In this act, George is quick to retort Martha's prior actions, in the next game, which he calls "Get the Guests." I remember once in a staffroom talking about how important it is that we empower pupils and hearing a cynical retort "kids have enough power as it is".

On that she raised her voice and abused 'Aisha to her face so much so that Allah's Apostle looked at 'Aisha to see whether she would retort.

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