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12) * Festival of Folk Music: A Time for Sittin', Listenin', and Reverie - June 3, 1963 (p.

He shakes off the reverie and they return to the ship to plan for the morning's attack on the Visser.

He is brought out of his reverie by the boss of a work crew.

The swell of emotion in her voice rouses Warwick from a reverie and he turns to her.

His reverie ends on one of the most traumatic days on the Riverworld.

Had Reverie continued publishing past issue 7, the arc would have ended with one of the four alternate timeline duplicates donning a different set of Bloodgard armour to become the new Bloodgard and take the series further.

And whenever I read my poetry Wasif appeared as if he was lost in a reverie.

Unfortunately I was woken from my reverie by someone yelling into my ear "Paul, it's 3 a.m.

The door-chime buzzed loudly, bringing him out of the reverie with a start.

NARration The freshest faced oblique new reverie went south.

This state of receptivity is akin to what Bion describes as 'reverie' (1962, p.36), a state of being that enables us to empathise with the often non-verbal experiences of the guests.

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