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A standard elimination rubric might run 8-4-2, with eight poets in the first round, four in the second, and two in the last.

Legacy Today these ideas, regardless of provenance, are referred to in academia under the rubric of "keynesian economics", due to keynes's role in consolidating, elaborating, and popularizing them.

It contains part of an order for the communion of the Sick, with a Gaelic rubric, written in a hand of perhaps the end of the eleventh century.

Spring. is also discussed under the rubric of benign colonialism in which a foreign power preempts national governance to protect a higher concept of freedom.

A treatise on poetry by Diomedes Grammaticus is a good example, as this work (among other things) categorizes dactylic hexameter verses in ways that were later interpreted under the golden line rubric.

These various fields employ different terms, all of which fall under the rubric of restorative practices: In the criminal justice field the phrase used is "restorative justice" Zehr, H. (1990).

In any case, the problem lay buried in the catch-all rubric "origin of life"---where, because it is a biological not a (bio)chemical problem, it was effectively ignored.

Introductory rubric, Matins, Thursday of the Lord's Supper, The Hours of the Divine Office in English and Latin, vol.

The bill would overturn the strong presumption in favor of arbitrability that has been erected by decisions of the United States Supreme court under the rubric of the Federal Arbitration Act, at least as applied to consumer and employment disputes.

In addition, if given to the student, they can provide additional guidance (here is an example rubric).

Dr. J. Schlecht found in 1900 another Latin translation of chapters 1 through 5, with the longer title, omitting "twelve", and with the rubric De doctrina Apostolorum.

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