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Sylar finally arrives at his father Samson's house, an old run-down place that is falling apart.

In Moldavia, along with his numerous travels and external cares, he initiated, with the talent of a born architect, the radical transformation of the Metropolitan Centre from a random assortment of run-down buildings into a modern centre fit for his time.

She and Yayoi are best friends and spent their ghost-living in a run-down mansion.

With the small indemnities he received as deputy, he invested in a run-down house near Paris in the wealthy Neuilly-Plaisance neighbourhood.

In 1939, Missouri lawmakers responded by converting a run-down St. Louis beauty college into the Lincoln law school.

One mission house of the area was Lyndhurst Hall, which remained in community use for many years before being taken over by the Council and being run-down.

Despite its more-than-run-down appearance, Richard agrees to rent the place.

They are linked by a run-down hotel run by a night clerk (played by Screamin' jay Hawkins ) and his dishevelled bellboy (Cinqu Lee), a scene featuring Elvis Presley 's " Blue Moon ", and a gunshot.

Commentators considered these ratings to reflect a generally poor performance of CBC programming in 2006. Characters The storylines of What It's Like Being Alone revolve around the residents of the fictional Gurney Orphanage, a dark, run-down building.

After being approached by the two strangers, who actually tricked her out of her remaining money (and she eventually realizes this once she leaves the run-down town house), she wanders out towards the bookshop to find her favorite manhwa on the shelves.

Palmer, pp. 117-119; Rowell, p. 107; Bergan, p. 133. Set in a run-down apartment complex, the book describes a painter reduced to work decorating *movie* sets.

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