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Beautiful, proud and haughty, she is inclined to melodramatics and emotional self-indulgence.

None of his theorizations was accomplished without him questioning, without complacency or self-indulgence his own epistemological assumptions.

There will be another new look to this site in the not-too-distant future, which again is mainly as a result of my self-indulgence, but it will be all "lovely-wuvely" and cute and nice.

Apart from being an obviously loaded, anti-artist question in the realms of 'Och anyone could do that' or artists are just self-indulgence addicts, I will try to comment on why I think this question may exist.

What will take Buena Vista fans by surprise is the album's self-indulgence, its freedom and its unfinished air.

Entombed delectably in tranquilized estate, I rate the risk of addictive self-indulgence as exaggerated, although I realize the prize comes at the price of tedium for others.

It is that the arrogant self-indulgence of hating God and going one's own way is spiritual death.

Burning a crane at Newbury might have left some people with good feelings, but there's a real danger here that we lose our critical faculties in pursuit of a dangerous form of self-indulgence.

A judge refused to toss out the felony charges against them in November 2014, saying they displayed "inexcusable self-indulgence." Among the things needing changing are France's 35-hour working week laws, tendencies of self-indulgence and "a lack of self-confidence".

A too great absorption in one's own feelings is ordinarily called self-indulgence.

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