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A shrewd businesswoman, she always keeps a sharp eye out for new talent.

clair is the beautiful and shrewd heir to the France-based Grand Tonnerre Group, which in the anime now employs Tamaki's mother as a servant in clair's house.

Professor Pike is head of the Technology department and was one of the original creators of H.I.V.E.mind, and has a brilliant, shrewd and cunning mind.

The matrona (mother), mulier (woman), or uxor (wife) is shrewd.

Tolerant but shrewd, their eyes less on baptism than the Portuguese cargoes from Macao, they granted the Jesuit permission to preach.

Much to Frasier's consternation, Martin displays a rather shrewd native intelligence in playing chess, despite his lack of formal education, and he bests Frasier in all but one game (that Martin likely threw just to satisfy his son).

Drumm was intelligent, shrewd, and very pessimistic.

Voiced by: kenta Miyake (Japanese), Ian Sinclair (English) Rosenberg :A director in the Central Intelligence Agency and a shrewd agent, Rosenberg serves as the main antagonist of the story.

He is old and bent with the weight of years, but he has a powerful will and a shrewd business sense.

That said, the use of multiple Cray X-MP supercomputers whose sole task is pattern recognition is doubtless a shrewd guess as to the enormity of the task and the scale of resources needed to perform the feat.

The apparently genial Mornigo soon proved himself a shrewd politician with a mind of his own, and the Liberals resigned within a few weeks when they realized that they would not be able to impose their will on him.

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