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A sophism is taken as a specious argument used for deceiving someone.

Those critical of this position may raise the question, "if free will is illusory, yet a necessary component of ethics, would this not imply that morality itself is specious?" The dichotomy "fixed" vs. "variable" is a specious mathematicization of the actual "labor" vs. "non-labor" dichotomy.

I was subjected to nit-picking, unfounded criticism, and specious comments.

Both articles criticize sermons by New Divinity men (Samuel H. Cox and Finney, respectively) and include appeals to earlier authors to expose the New Divinity's specious claim to the authority of orthodox theologians.

But this is a totally specious argument, as evidenced by recent history.

For him, the political rhetoric and coverage around the katrina anniversary borders somewhere between specious and offensive.

Gatter then waves away the issue of violating patient protocol by saying it's a "specious little argument" against using a different abortion procedure than the one agreed to by the patient.

Given the frank exceptionality of those numbers, there is a specious argument to make here about resonance and communion and what it means, qualitatively speaking, to reach huge numbers of people with your art.

In the king v. Burwell decision, Roberts chose to ignore the letter of the law - no matter how specious or unintentional the letter may have been - and instead, divine the law's intent.

"I think it's quite clear that this is a man who has been picked up on specious grounds and he should be released immediately," McGeehan told CBC Radio's Windsor Morning on Friday.

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