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constitutional nature Most scholars agree that it is difficult to group the constitutional arrangements of the Kingdom in one of the traditional models of state organization, and consider the Kingdom to be a sui generis arrangement.

This is achieved by either using the existing laws or using legislative means to enact new sui generis laws.

On the September 5th, 1975 at the Luna Park Stadium in two consecutive performances before a record audience of 30,000 people, Sui generis bade farewell to its followers on a memorable night.

Charly garcia and Nito Mestre decided it was time to quit Sui generis, almost as if they felt the winds of change.

The fact that a dog sniff is sui generis only matters if the sole determinant of what is "reasonable" is the length of time a traffic stop lasts.

A 'critical realism' accepts this, but on the understanding that a sui generis nature is mainly known through the medium of socially constructed languages - often elaborate disciplinary ones.

Sui generis systems are already being strenuously opposed by the US.

A devotee of Dogme 95, Knausgaard selected Lars von Trier's sui generis The Idiots, which he will introduce.

But, now, added to the mix is the gravest terror threat of all, a group that is truly "sui generis," ISIS.

Locally you can find their wares at Sui generis in the Castro and Asmbly Hall on Fillmore, as well as a few other spots.

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