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A differing view on the legitimacy of the war proved to be the final straw for this tenuous union.

Some singers have tenuous ties to Deek Watson's or Charlie Fuqua's offshoot groups; many, with no credentials whatever, just claim to be "original" members.

Oklahoma State Nebraska was struggling to pull away from Oklahoma State, holding on to a tenuous 4 point lead, and watched three drives into Cowboy territory come up empty due to turnovers.

But for outside investors, a relationship of proximity would be "tenuous" at best, and that it would certainly not be "fair, just and reasonable".

After making tenuous eye contact, they tearfully embraced one another, ending nearly three decades of mutual avoidance.

Weisshaupt has maneuvered himself into the tenuous presidency of a federation of states (including Iest, Palnu and New Sepra) as a bulwark against the Cirinists.

The hardest aid routes are poorly protected and the climber must make long sequences of moves using hooks or tenuous placements.

After William Johnson held a large council with the tribes at Detroit in September 1761 a tenuous peace was maintained, but war belts continued to circulate.

By nightfall, all four companies held tenuous positions in the thick of German defences.

Clearly then the Wallace family were no vassals of the Stewarts and the tenuous links with William Wallace and the Stewart lands of Elderslie in Renfrewshire and those of kyle Stewart in Ayrshire can be discounted.

Subsequent loss of the region by Mieszko's son Boleslaw Chrobry suggests that the conquest was difficult and the hold over that territory rather tenuous.

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