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"I am the REAL you the Cheetah a treacherous, relentless huntress!" One was to mark a safe trail and leave caches of supplies over the 200 miles of treacherous crevasses and open chasms between the main base and the Queen Maud mountain range where the geological party would make camp and conduct their studies.

Furious at what it perceived to be treacherous behaviour by Port Adelaide, the SANFL put forward a counter bid to enter a composite South Australian side into the AFL.

Though, the ever treacherous Thailog had other plans and betrayed her, leaving her for dead after a fight with the Manhattan Clan.

Diana, profoundly distraught that a fellow woman would be so treacherous, took back the lasso and returned home in tears.

After being infected with delirium-inducing cyber-venom from Tarantulas while battling Megatron's new cloned Cyber-Raptors, Optimus fell victim to the treacherous Predacon again.

"Gideon Rafael phoned Danish ambassador Hans Tabor, Security Council president for the month of June, and informed him that Israel was responding to a cowardly and treacherous' attack from Egypt (Oren, p. 198).

Treacherous fox *Ranging: The treacherous fox can move any number of free squares in a straight line orthogonally forward or backward, or in the four diagonal directions.

During the ride, kylie overhears the major and Specter planning to go to Somerset, but when she expresses interest, Ciro flatly tells her to forget about it - "This mission's treacherous enough without you!" James Craig played the young Caliph of Baghdad, and Edward Arnold was the treacherous Grand Vizier.

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