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uproar broke out in the court, with supposedly neutral jurors shouting abuse at Laval, threatening "a dozen bullets in his hide".

The closure produced uproar across East Germany Childs (2001), p. 68. and the GDR government's bid to humiliate refugees by expelling them from the country in sealed trains backfired disastrously.

UNICEF: 2008, p. 21. Despite the uproar, their argument resonated among other communities and the movement to abandon FGC in Senegal began to spread.

These games were only available to subscribers who had the Metro Channels on their cable system, causing an uproar among area sports fans.

In 1999, Tlass caused a minor uproar in Arab political circles, when he denounced Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat as "the son of sixty thousand dogs and sixty thousand whores ".

Finding from the uproar that the strangers had a strong party in the city, he put on his armour, and, followed by the larger portion of the citizens, went forth to meet the enemy, who, on their side, was joined from the town by all the malcontents.

In response, a Globe and Mail editorial attempted to minimize the controversy as a "small uproar" over journalistic freedom, but this caused further condemnation.

The Collaborator : The Trial and Execution of Robert Brasillach The sentence caused an uproar in French literary circles and even some of Brasillach's political opponents protested against it.

This would have required extending the tax out nearly 50 years, causing a small uproar in Seattle-area politics.

In November, he was found guilty of treason and hanged, causing an uproar among French Canadians who felt English-speaking Canada was unfairly prejudiced against him.

This daring act of his led to a huge uproar in orthodox society and he was socially boycotted for a long time.

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