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vitreous enamels in the different colors are ground to fine powders in an agate mortar and pestle, then washed to remove the impurities that would discolor the fired enamel.

This allows inspection of all the ocular media, from cornea to vitreous, plus magnified view of eyelids, and other external ocular related structures.

vitreous hemorrhage - bleeding in the eye from injuries, retinal tears, subarachnoidal bleedings (as Terson syndrome ),or blocked blood vessels.

Classical ziggurats emerged in the Neo-Sumerian Period with articulated buttresses, vitreous brick sheathing, and entasis in the elevation.

When applied to whiteware ceramics, vitreous means the material has an extremely low permeability to liquids, often but not always water, when determined by a specified test regime.

After vitrectomy to remove the vitreous gel, membranectomy is undertaken to peel away the tissue.

This extreme, localized heat causes the quartz to change from its vitreous form into a weaker, crystalline form which leaks gas.

The vitreous steel burner does not rust or corrode and gives longer life then aluminised steel or stainless iron.

Of the two different types of magnetic board surface, vitreous Enamel is guaranteed for 25 years under normal use, whilst Coated Steel is guaranteed for 5 years under normal use.

If, on the other hand, the vitreous is firmly attached to the central portion of the retina (the macula) then shrinkage and movement of the vitreous can result in the formation of a hole in this region, known as a macular hole.

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