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5. The Road Runner is zipping along some roads while Wile is chopping down a power pole.

5. Next, Wile simply rolls the ball down a hill out into the road, but it pitches up a stone serac and right back on top of its owner.

Also removed following the Letterman sketch in this episode was the clip of the Short Circus singing "Stop!" and a Road Runner-Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

Wile E. is pacing around a mountaintop when he runs directly into the Road Runner, who beeps and causes Wile E.'s head to retract after being scared into a rock ceiling.

Seeing his impending humiliation approaching, Wile E. attempts to make the best of it by climbing up the pole; however, he keeps falling back to the bottom of it.

However, when the coyote inflates the balloon with his mouth, the balloon inflates the coyote instead and Wile floats through the air, just grabbing the bomb before he deflates and flies randomly through the sky.

When Wile steps out of the cannon, it fires another ball into his face.

As Wile E. Coyote's Acme technology once again backfires, Buffy complains, "That would never happen." Wile E. falls off the cliff again, and then directly busts through his trampoline.

1. Wile E. hides in a manhole, and as the Road Runner passes over him, he pops out and fires a rifle.

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