ensure in a sentence

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Learn how to use ensure in a sentence – Example sentences:

This will prevent your body from becoming too acclimatised to D-Aspartic Acid and ensure optimal results.

All students must ensure that they are academically eligible to participate.

Stays abreast of trends and regulations to ensure effectiveness and compliance.

I can ensure a job for you.

Careful preparations ensure success.

I can’t ensure that she will be here tomorrow.

I can’t ensure that he will pass the examination.

Please ensure the genitals are obscured by a mosaic effect.

Please ensure that you answer all the questions on the test.

Please ensure that you turn off all the lights when you leave.

Find someone who is planning to enroll in another session.

ensureA protocol was signed to ensure cordial relations between nations.

Please ensure that you have paid your fees in full before classes begin.

In ancient Rome, puppies were sacrificed to ensure a plentiful corn crop.

Please ensure that you drop off your key when you check out of the hotel.

The city does not have enough staff to ensure compliance with the new bylaw.

Please ensure that you attach all the relevant documents to your application.

Our beer is made under the strictest controls, to ensure the highest quality.

You should leave by no later than 8:30 to ensure you arrive at the airport on time.

In order to ensure proper maintenance of your car, you should do a regular tune-up.

You’d better ensure that everything the salesman promises is written into the contract.

They are organizing politically and working to ensure that they are respected and valued.

At the most fundamental level, human social behavior is necessary to ensure human survival.

Restaurants must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure standards of cleanliness are met.

You must follow the guidelines for essay writing to ensure your essay has the proper format.

His long experience, and excellent record ensure that he will rise quickly in our organization.

Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates recommended a diet high in fiber to ensure proper digestion.

As a coach, my priority is to ensure that your child enjoys his or her experience of being on this team.

Parade marshals were stationed at various points along the route to ensure that everything went smoothly.

All drivers must ensure that their vehicles have a valid and current license plate, and enough insurance.

Before going anywhere in your car, you should always check the vehicle to ensure that it is safe to drive.

The Leaning Tower of Pizza is slowly tilting over, and steps must be taken to ensure it doesn’t fall over.

The government needs to do more to ensure that all public buildings are readily accessible to the disabled.

Wherever emergencies strike, our organization is there to ensure the well-being and development of children.

It is important to do lots of research to ensure that an advertising campaign appeals to its target audience.

Can you please ensure that the memo showing the latest profit figures for the month is circulated to all the salesmen?The ancient Egyptians physically preserved the dead in the form of mummies in order to ensure a good afterlife.

A pregnant woman must increase her intake of almost all nutrients to ensure the healthy development of her baby.

Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy products will ensure your body gets the minerals it needs.

Somerset Maugham once remarked that love is a dirty trick played on us to ensure the continuation of the species.

The United Nations peace-keeping force is mandated to ensure that the refugees are allowed to return to their homes.

Keeping your bagels in a paper bag which is itself inside a plastic bag, will help ensure freshness for at least 3 days.

You should have the pollution control devices in your car checked on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly.

Activists are working hard to ensure that environmental issues are high on the agenda at the international summit in June.

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Discussion question: Is it the responsibility of the government to ensure that all citizens have adequate food and shelter? adjacentThe United Nations has said it may have to resort to military force to ensure that refugees are allowed to leave the country.

Nelson Mandela and F.


DeKlerk worked hard to ensure a peaceful transition to majority rule in South Africa.

The government has put a freeze on development of agricultural land to ensure that our farms are not all lost to urban spread.

Critics complain that the state’s anti-pollution laws are meaningless because there is insufficient personnel to ensure compliance.

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