enter in a sentence

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Learn how to use enter in a sentence – Example sentences:

Anything that does not enter the account book can not be found from those records.

The toxin can enter the body by ingestion, injection, inhalation and through abraded skin.

I want to enter the club.

I saw her enter the room.

I saw him enter the room.

We saw her enter the room.

We saw her enter the park.

I saw them enter the bank.

I saw him enter the store.

She saw me enter the store.

I saw a man enter the room.

I will enter the swim meet.

They saw him enter the room.

I saw a ser enter that house.

I saw the man enter the room.

He was seen to enter the room.

He stood aside for her to enter.

Don’t enter at the kitchen door.

Don’t let anyone enter the room.

No outsiders are allowed to enter.

He was seen to enter the building.

You had better enter the hospital.

I studied hard to enter the school.

We saw the children enter the room.

He warned us not to enter the room.

We were just about to enter the room.

Because you’re a minor, you can’t enter.

They won’t allow us to enter the garden.

We found it difficult to enter the disco.

Please knock on the door before you enter.

The police observed the man enter the bank.

He stepped aside for her to enter the room.

No one has ever been able to enter the room.

My parents expect me to enter the university.

Don’t let anyone enter or approach this room.

Please do not enter the room without knocking.

My grandfather hopes that I will enter college.

The price did not enter into our consideration.

The next stage was to enter a good arts school.

You are to shut the door after you enter a room.

What is the reason you want to enter this college?

He said he did not enter the room, which was a lie.

The natives were not allowed to enter the district.

I enter the room, where I found an old man sleeping.

He studied hard so that he might enter the university.

They study in order that they may enter the university.

A Vietnamese proverb notes, “Enter alcohol, exit words.

“The students must not enter the teachers’ room this week.

His age didn’t enter into our decision not to employ him.

I had a valid visa, so I was allowed to enter the country.

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