erroneous in a sentence

The information you received stating that the CEO has resigned is erroneous.

He is simply taking an extended leave for health reasons.

Rie has erroneous ideas.

It is erroneous because history has shown that ‘acting better’ does not bring about being ‘treated better.’

A defensive McCulloch repeatedly cited what he said were inconsistencies and erroneous witness accounts.

erroneous data’ Public Works Minister Diane Finley’s office shot back, saying the PBO got its numbers wrong.

He dismissed what he called a “premature and erroneous conclusion” that it was a botched execution.

If the prosecution fails in this task, any conviction is erroneous and must be reversed.

It is virtually certain that these projections are more reliable than an earlier erroneous assessment, it says.

Letting these erroneous awards stand uncorrected would violate basic principles of fairness and equity.

Maher said an $8,000 insurance premium figure mentioned at last week’s meeting was erroneous.

Nagin’s attorneys argue the jury that convicted him received erroneous instructions on 10 counts involving wire fraud.

Occasionally erroneous information was broadcast.

Parker on Wednesday called that instruction “erroneous.”

Talbot said reports that the patient was from Edmonton are erroneous.

The erroneous name was visible only for a few hours late Thursday.

The strong emotions they trigger are one factor that can make it more difficult to relinquish these erroneous thoughts.

Thus present A else emit A end is an erroneous program.

In the context of circuit operation, this erroneous output value may be considered a soft error event.

The erroneous reports were never aired by any television network or printed by any web site.

erroneous claims sometimes suggest that David Lange withdrew New Zealand from ANZUS.

Furthermore, parity checking does allow for the restoration of an erroneous bit when its position is known.

He is also the most likely candidate for being “the Destroyer” if Elspeth’s belief about Ariel proves erroneous.

I want to apologize as well to all our listeners for having made an erroneous statement, Rehm said.

In general the greater the volume of data, the more chances arise for erroneous results.

It is also important to correct the erroneous perceptions regarding the Quebec language policy and its application.

It is hard to prosecute people for having an erroneous or stupid opinion, Grell said.

It was erroneous to believe that anything goes in the Internet, she said.

It would also cause erroneous assumptions then and now about his sexuality.

Over 20,000 people participated in finding erroneous and remarkable expense claims by Members of Parliament.

These early and erroneous interpretations led to widespread public interest in Mars.

They are also commonly known as Malu-malu (“shy Kuskus”, from the erroneous association with the Kuskus species).

They do not understand the concept of self-criticism and only use erroneous examples.

They feared lest there should be erroneous impressions as to the place the ordinance held in the Christian system.

This interpretation was however contested by Arthur Lane and many others after him, and seems today to be erroneous.

This story has been corrected to remove erroneous reference to Biden serving as governor.

Valeant, which was down 39% before trading was halted, called the report “erroneous.”

Emilia’s erroneous train of thought becomes apparent in episodes where she recalls her employment at a state-owned factory.

86890 They are mainly applied when there is need to rectify a clearly erroneous, unreasonable or unfair court decision. 3.0053

698330 An erroneous list of Prometheus Bound’s dramatis personae indicates that Gaea and Heracles both appear in this play. 26.4746

Sewers were built since the 1850s, initially based on the erroneous belief that bad air ( miasma theory ) caused cholera and typhoid.

However, reading from or writing to a dangling pointer would be erroneous, as the referenced memory may have been overwritten or reassigned.

Montizambert attributes the College of Physicians’ investigation to an erroneous listing on a US website that called him a medical practitioner.

337591 “Improper interference in the developments in Syria are clear examples of this erroneous strategic approach in the Middle East,” he said.

The contractor who works with the university on electronic communications pulled a wrong list of emails, generating the erroneous acceptance letters.

897865 During this first step, three separate quality-control checks are made on each IBM card to eliminate erroneous data.

It is, however, likely that these databases are both incomplete and contain small but significant amounts of erroneous data..

Our investigation has shown that the UN position was hit by artillery fire due to incorrect targeting based on erroneous data.

The reactor was unsafe at low power levels because erroneous control rod movement would have a counter-intuitively magnified effect.

Straw said he had acted in good faith and had repaid the erroneous claims once he was aware that MPs’ expenses were to be made public.

If the mistake was discovered prior to the taking of the seat, the Sovereign could issue a writ of supersedeas revoking the erroneous writ of summons.

Valeant called Citron’s accusations “erroneous” and denied the report.

“Let me be clear regarding the concert for Sandy Hook given much of the erroneous reporting thus far.