estate in a sentence

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Learn how to use estate in a sentence – Example sentences:

Also, some deeds and estate papers are abstracted .

She is an estate agent.

I will inherit his estate.

He succeeded to his estate.

He lives on his country estate.

He has an estate in the country.

My aunt inherited the huge estate.

He succeeded to his father’s estate.

His estate came to me as a free gift.

He made over the estate to his children.

She succeeded to her father’s whole estate.

The estate went to his daughter when he died.

He has disposed of what was left of his estate.

The gardens on the estate are simply beautiful.

My sixtyyearold aunt inherited the huge estate.

She has a claim on her deceased husband’s estate.

Real estate agencies have many independent brokers.

I agree with the opinion that real estate is overpriced.

His uncle owns a large estate in the English countryside.

The price of real estate has been rising abnormally in Japan.

Theresa was only marginally successful at selling real estate.

Poet Emily Dickinson once remarked, “My friends are my estate.

“The value of his estate is estimated at over a million dollars.

When my grandmother died, she left her entire estate to charity.

His grandfather made a bundle in real estate just after the war.

The multi-millionaire left his entire estate to a charity for cats.

The estate of artist Andy Warhol was auctioned off after his death.

Tokyo landlords are in a panic because the real estate market went soft.

Two senior officials are suspected of accepting bribes from real estate companies.

If necessary, the government will force estate agents to reduce land prices.

orcristThe Hollywood sign, first erected in 1923, was originally a real estate advertisement.

I don’t have much sympathy for people who lose money speculating on the real estate market.

Umberto made a fortune buying and selling houses in Dallas during the real estate boom there.

Continued steady growth in the real estate market is largely contingent on low interest rates.

The real estate industry is in a serious slump, and industry people say the worst is yet to come.

In January 2000, Sweden disestablished the Church of Sweden as the official state religion.

estateHe owns a magnificent mansion on an enormous estate and even has three guest cottages for visitors.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor was married for the 8th time at singer Michael Jackson’s California estate.

In accordance with your late father’s wishes, we have divided his estate equally amongst his grandchildren.

In most real estate transactions, the realtors earn a fee from both the buyer and the seller of the property.

Real estate is an extremely lucrative business in this town, with prices steadily increasing year after year.

George Jean Nathan once suggested that patriotism is often an arbitrary veneration of real estate above principles.

Since the country became independent, the majority of companies, banks, and real estate in Latvia have been privatized.

The real estate business is currently enjoying a land boom the likes of which has not been seen in this city for over fifty years.

The old man has built a profitable vineyard on his estate, and the wines he produces are now recognized as among the best in the country.

Hundreds of years ago in Europe, the amount and frequency of taxes levied on the common people were determined by the lord of the estate.

We visited an English estate which had been turned into a safari park, complete with lions and elephants, to help the owner pay his taxes.

A 1968 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a 102-year-old law forbidding racial discrimination in the rental or sale of real estate.

It excludes the transportation, real estate and agriculture sectors.

Meadow Walker is the actor’s only child and sole heir to his estate.

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