everyone in a sentence

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Learn how to use everyone in a sentence – Example sentences:

Not everyone can afford expensive gold accessories .

The team had acclimatized well and everyone was happy to head higher for new targets.

Everyone needs to acclimatise , even exceptional mountaineers that have been to high altitude before.

Everyone is and always has been very welcoming and accommodating .

Everyone has been so friendly and accommodating .

The staff members are accommodating and nice to everyone.

Everyone is trying to accentuate their best features.

The Buddha has advised everyone to abstain from killing.

Everyone abominates air travel, though they all do it.

So we also got the A-bomb , Andrea, blowing up in everyone’s faces.

Like everyone else, the Viet Minh were unprepared for the A-bomb and the Japanese surrender.

But the celebration of the Friend, which sometimes takes the form of an apparent self-abasement by the Poet, has not been to everyone’s liking.

Milovan Djilas, who observed both Stalin and Tito at close quarters, has made the point that self-abasement too is necessary to the system: everyone is loyal to the leader, owes everything to his inspiration, is worthless without him, until someone else is leader: that someone suddenly loses his modesty.

In response to the outrage that has greeted his article , Wagner has performed the ritual self-abasement necessary to such occasions on college campuses: Mark Tooley relates the sequel: Not everyone was mollified.

Everyone has faults.

Everyone’s saying it.

Everyone knows the law.

Everyone knew the song.

He is known to everyone.

Everyone seeks happiness.

She is liked by everyone.

She is loved by everyone.

She is known to everyone.

His story amused everyone.

She is beloved by everyone.

Everyone except me knew it.

You cannot please everyone.

Everyone loves his country.

He is respected by everyone.

Everyone can’t afford a car.

Everyone has his intellectual desireEveryone speaks well of him.

I was laughed at by everyone.

Everyone admired his courage.

Everyone has a right to live.

She charmed everyone present.

His name is known to everyone.

Her name is known to everyone.

She is coy with everyone.

mamatEveryone recognized his skill.

Everyone has his own treasure.

He is humble towards everyone.

Everyone except me was invited.

Everyone said that I was wrong.

She is always kind to everyone.

His joke set everyone laughing.

His long speech bored everyone.

Everyone in her class likes her.

Courage is required of everyone.

She is gracious to everyone.

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