expansion in a sentence

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Learn how to use expansion in a sentence – Example sentences:

The above-mentioned triple product expansion was also included.

The Japanese economy recorded more than months of continuous expansion.

During the expansion of Islam, conquest was a major source of state revenue.

Human speech is a vast qualitative expansion over animal communication systeMs. The rapid expansion of e-commerce has radically changed the world of retail sales.

Increasingly restrictive trade regulations have hindered our expansion into foreign markets.

The Japanese moved into Hakodate Port on Hokkaido in 1854 to counter Russian expansion in the area.

The money set aside for the new project has been reallocated to the expansion of a different project.

The planned expansion of the refinery will increase capacity there from 80,000 barrels per day to 240,000.

A recent report suggests that IBM will undertake a dramatic expansion in India and hire more than 14,000 staff.

Someone once said that self-pity paralyzes your abilities, and puts off your achievements, prohibits excellence, and prevents expansion.

Before continuing negotiations any further, we need to determine if we all agree with the premise that this company will benefit from expansion.

Scientists now say that the continued expansion of the universe will not last forever, and that the universe will actually someday start to shrink.

Construction-related investment in Korea has grown with government support through infrastructure expansion projects, such as railways, roadways, marine ports and airports.

ingredient“They don’t actually have any effect on the ACA’s coverage expansion.

China’s economic growth is a result of its rapid industrial expansion.

The Business Times has some more details on the coming 2016 expansion.

The expansion in Hungary will add an additional 150 employees in 2016.

Its expansion means the company is still unprofitable overall, though.

Updating and adapting Expansion can be fraught with regulatory hurdles.

Netflix expansion is in the cards Is D.C. a real-life ‘House of Cards?’

The retention pond project is part of the rapid transit expansion plan.

Don Iveson said he’s most concerned about funding for the LRT expansion.

It’s like a voluntary expansion of the sanctions, Chris Weafer explains.

It said domestic consumption in Germany was the main driver of expansion.

322637“I do see an expansion happening at the local level,” Warick says.

The report underscores Apple’s tremendous recent expansion in the Valley.

726797The Grand Mosque itself is undergoing an expansion and renovation.

An official expansion target of “about” 7.5 percent was set for last year.

The view of the river was blocked off during a previous expansion project.

Improvement plans include expansion of the Rocky Shores polar-bear exhibit.

That building is a rather large facility, with a lot of room for expansion.

A final expansion is planned to bring capacity to 130 million gallons a day.

SPIEGEL: Part of the current conflict goes back to NATO’s eastern expansion.

Libya has always figured prominently in the Islamic State’s expansion plans.

Readings above 50 point to expansion, while those below indicate contraction.

The beneficial impact of Medicaid expansion on health and economies is lucid.

The forecast is better than an estimated 3.43 percent expansion for last year.

A expansion pack basically and it costs just as much as a regular retail game.

749078The money should be used to fuel company expansion, their argument goes.

A figure above 50 signals expansion, while anything below indicates contraction.

The growth of services and goods has been fueled by unrealistic credit expansion.

Mr. Lee aims for the continued growth and expansion of JK Inspection Engineering.

You are angry at the continued occupation and expansion of settlements,” he said.

“International expansion is actually a company strategy in the coming few years.”

Also on The Huffington Post amounts to an egregious expansion of executive power.

The law’s two major engines of coverage expansion face challenges simultaneously.

The expansion will boost the plant’s capacity by more than 100,000 wafers a month.

The theater, located at 323 6th Avenue, filed permits for the expansion in August.

The expansion was carried out because water demand in Keelung had been on the rise.

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