expectation in a sentence

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Learn how to use expectation in a sentence – Example sentences:

He fell short of our expectation.

My heart bounds with expectation.

His heart bounded with expectation.

We hold out no expectation of success.

Her answer corresponds to my expectation.

The result fell short of his expectation.

I worked hard in expectation of promotion.

The newcomer fell short of our expectation.

Sorry to say, that expectation was illfounded.

Expectation caused her to be flushed with excitement.

He failed to get elected contrary to our expectation.

The coast of Florida is bracing itself in expectation of a hurricane which is supposed to hit by the weekend.

As expectation increases that the dollar will weaken, the foreign exchange market’s reaction to US economic indicators has been fairly muted.

Orison Marden once stated that there is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow.

Princess Diana once suggested, “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.

” rangeToday’s punishment, however, far exceeded any reasonable expectation.

“The expectation that the world economy is going to recover is receding.

I think the expectation is high that everything will be released immediately.

The expectation has been that he will be ready to play Sunday against Arizona.

We have failed to live up to the expectation and trust of the public, he said.

‘The letdown on Valentine’s Day is mainly around an expectation not being met.’

As persons with disabilities, this expectation can be a heavy emotional weight.

That’s because the expectation is that they’ll take Russell with the third pick.

The expectation is that compensation will pick up later this year, if not sooner.

Expectation for stimulus almost always seems to grow ahead of a meeting,” Larson said.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing; it means a certain level of expectation is in place.

The expectation of life at birth is estimated at 80.7 years for males and 84.5 for females.

Large bank stocks rallied in the expectation that higher interest rates will boost profits.

The tension and expectation of a close election night is hard to beat in the news business.

There are cultural barriers because our expectation of leadership is so overwhelmingly male.

930319When it was built the expectation was it would be used just two or three times a year.

I want you to know that our family values and our expectation that you will make good choices.

The community has an expectation for us to be prepared for a variety of scenarios, Davis said.

This is in line with our longstanding expectation for cast members to uphold character integrity.

The survey’s one-year inflation expectation was 2.8 percent, compared with 2.5 percent in January.

“This is in line with our long-standing expectation for cast members to uphold character integrity.”

The first laptops to be powered by Broadwell processors match Intel’s expectation for larger screens.

Advent thus is a period of devout and joyful expectation.

The terms of the contract is not the only source for the aggrieved party’s expectation interests.

Discuss academic goals and expectation ahead of time .

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