experience in a sentence

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Learn how to use experience in a sentence – Example sentences:

The acceleration is exceptional from my experience.

This experience accentuated his humble, modest character.

The experience of any alcoholic will abundantly confirm this.

Some students shared their experience and feelings abut this.

My 20 years of experience with IT departments has been abysmal .

It’s an utterly absorbing and frequently exhilarating experience.

Participate in industry events to share experience and stay abreast of breakthroughs.

I never want to experience the pain of those abscesses again!

People often create pressure in (or experience pressure from) others to communicate in a way that matches their style, so that a boss who talks to his staff as a controlling parent will often engender self-abasement or other childlike responses.

He lacks experience.

He had a bitter experience.

We all learn by experience.

He is lacking in experience.

We learn much by experience.

People learn from experience.

He exaggerated his experience.

He is a man of wide experience.

He has not a little experience.

Experience is the best teacher.

He described his own experience.

He failed for want of experience.

He has a great deal of experience.

His belief is rooted in experience.

He has long experience in teaching.

The experience gave him the courage.

He has experience of foreign travel.

He has little experience in teaching.

He has both experience and knowledge.

Has he got any experience of farming?

Natto reminds me of a bad experience.

University was a wonderful experience.

Wisdom cannot come without experience.

He has experience as well as learning.

His ideas are based on his experience.

We had an unpleasant experience there.

I had a pleasant experience on my trip.

Experience will teach you common sense.

Young as he is, he has much experience.

He has experience as well as knowledge.

He has not only learning but experience.

They inquired about his past experience.

He has knowledge and experience as well.

He turned his experience to good account.

My advice is predicated on my experience.

He has more experience on the job than I.

The trouble is that she lacks experience.

She gave a narrative of her se experience.

Many a person has had the same experience.

Miscarriage is a heartbreaking experience.

His experience qualifies him to do the job.

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