expert in a sentence

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Learn how to use expert in a sentence – Example sentences:

He is an expert driver.

He is expert at figures.

She is an expert typist.

He is an expert at fishing.

He is an expert in astronomy.

He is an expert in economics.

My father is an expert surgeon.

She is an expert in mathematics.

An expert was called for advice.

He speaks as if he were an expert.

My brother was expert in handwork.

He is expert with a word processor.

The expert appraised the watch at $.

He claimed to be an expert in finance.

Even expert drivers can make mistakes.

Professor Suzuki is an expert historian.

When it comes to fishing, he’s an expert.

He is an expert at solving such probleMs. She is an expert when it comes to cooking.

It is said that she is an expert in skiing.

The expert analyzed the statistics in detail.

In the matter of psychology, he is an expert.

He is an expert in the area of city planning.

He is something of an expert on oriental art.

He has become expert in hiding his true feeling.

Find someone who is an expert at something.

expireHe is a karate expert, so don’t get him angry at you.

Since he is not an expert, his opinion is no account.

He is a karate expert, and his hands are lethal weapons.

Roberto needs a fiscal expert to help him balance his budget.

Find someone who has performed a scientific experiment.

expertMy husband is an expert when it comes to cooking Chinese food.

fraElle décida de prendre conseil auprès d’un expert juridique.

As may be expected of an expert, he’s well versed in the field.

My literature prof is also a well-known expert in the classics.

An art expert has certified that the painting is a genuine Picasso.

We saw some karate expert chop a brick in half with his bare hands.

According to an expert, neither mountaineering nor skiing is dangerous.

He is an expert in the area of the effects of pollution on ocean plankton.

During the Renaissance, people of breeding were expected to be expert dancers.

My cousin is an expert tennis player who has won tournaments all over Australia.

The report was full of technical language that no one but an expert could understand.

Nicholas Butler once said that an expert is one who knows more and more about less and less.

He’s an expert golfer.

You should see him – it’s incredible how far he can hit the ball.

The company just hired this so-called expert but he obviously doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.

Someone once joked that an expert can take something you already know, and make it sound confusing.

Government communications are often so obscurely worded that it requires an expert to understand them.

The painting allegedly done by Rembrandt just before his death has now been authenticated by an art expert.

Neils Bohr once said that an expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made in a very narrow field.

According to one helpful-hint expert, you can use a drop of vinegar or vodka on each lens to clean eyeglasses without streaks.

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