expose in a sentence

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Learn how to use expose in a sentence – Example sentences:

She didn’t expose her skin to the sun.

Don’t expose photos to the sun.

blay_paulHe had the courage to expose the scandal.

If you expose your film to light, it will ruin it.

It’s dangerous to expose babies to strong sunlight.

Find someone who would like to work in the import/export business.

exposeWe sanded down the window frames to expose the beautiful wood hidden under the paint.

The Talmud advises us, “Never expose yourself unnecessarily to danger, a miracle may not save you, and if it does, it will be deducted from your share of luck or merit.

“This meeting was accepted by Saudi Arabia and Turkey to expose Iran.

I think Arizona State, playing those guys, their style can expose you a bit.

563194Please do not expose yourself to a risky or potentially dangerous situation.

Sima has long been trying to expose qigong masters with uncanny abilities as conmen.

471027Many had expected this week’s vote to expose anew internal rifts within Syriza.

“You cannot be under observation and then at the same time go to work to expose people.

Rower Silvie Forest says low water can expose boats to rocks on the bottom of the river.

They will face the same penalty if they wear low-hanging pants or expose their underwear.

Confidential Tips Help us expose corruption, government waste and threats to your safety.

You Shiyou, a social scientist, questioned why men could expose their body while women can’t.

They also learned safe ways to gradually expose their children to whatever made them anxious.

957742You can sometimes expose your files by failing to properly manage your privacy settings.

169794Confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance infest the information you expose yourself to.

They can only expose certain aspects of history at once, but that’s no different in history books.

And he was scared to contact the Myanmar embassy because it would expose him as an illegal migrant.

When we expose them to certain data, they can learn rules, and they can even learn behaviors, he said.

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