extremely in a sentence

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Learn how to use extremely in a sentence – Example sentences:

Customer service and staff were fantastic and extremely accommodating .

The owners and staff are friendly and extremely accommodating .

Michael was extremely accommodating and did his job very professionally.

It accentuates the hop flavors and is extremely versatile.

He became extremely absentminded and wandered around town with his mouth open.

The mosquitoes were extremely abundant and thirsty.

After the abolishment of film censorship, banning movies that contain brutal violence has been extremely rare.

Extremely abbreviated calculations follow in Table 1.

Today is extremely hot.

He is an extremely frank person.

It gets extremely cold toward dawn.

His thoughts are extremely academic.

Japan is an extremely noisy country.

So far, he has been extremely happy.

She is extremely vulgar in her speech.

She is extremely natural in her manner.

Yachting is an extremely expensive sport.

Marie is an extremely talented piano player.

The idea of happiness is extremely abstract.

Tokyo has an extremely high volume of traffic.

She has an extremely expressive singing voice.

So far from being robust, he was extremely weak.

He is extremely pessimistic and has no aspirations.

The margins in this book of poetry are extremely wide.

He is an extremely intelligent person, almost a genius.

Air traffic controller is an extremely high pressure job.

The test was extremely difficult so very few people passed.

My wife and I have extremely different views of spirituality.

Prime office space in this city is extremely hard to come by.

Be careful of these chemicals, they are extremely inflammable.

Computers are extremely useful for both teachers and students.

Their manner of bringing up their children is extremely unusual.

I caught the last train because I walked extremely quickly.

enzubiiBritish colonial policies were extremely harsh in the colony of Kenya.

Leopard camouflage makes them extremely difficult to see on the ground.

Proper shelter can be extremely important in severe weather conditions.

She is an extremely efficient worker, probably the best in this company.

The weather in Russia’s far north is extremely harsh in the winter time.

Weather is said to be an extremely important aspect of a Canadian’s life.

Margaret’s behavior was extremely bizarre, and no one could understand her.

Quasars are brilliantly shining heavenly bodies that are extremely far away.

The metal has been tempered, so it is extremely hard and should last forever.

Reliability is a characteristic which employers consider extremely important.

Passing a car on a curving road is not only foolish, but extremely dangerous.

Growing marijuana is an extremely lucrative business in this part of the country.

He had a passive expression on his face, but I knew that he was extremely excited.

The volatility of these substances makes their proper storage extremely important.

I agree with the ban in principle, but in practice it will be extremely difficult.

A snake has no ears, however, its tongue is extremely sensitive to sound vibrations.

Monaco is not a budget destination for travelers as prices tend to be extremely high.

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