fairly in a sentence

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Learn how to use fairly in a sentence – Example sentences:

Teaching about religion fairly and academically is challenging.

It’s fairly warm today.

He acted fairly toward me.

She fairly jumped for joy.

He acted fairly towards me.

He deals fairly with people.

He ruled his kingdom fairly.

He speaks English fairly well.

He has a fairly large fortune.

He was fairly caught in the trap.

They allotted the profits fairly.

Though he is fairly well off, he is frugalI thought I was a fairly good swimmer.

It fairly took time to explain the fact.

Henri has a fairly good grasp of English.

The teacher treated all the students fairly.

For myself, the play was fairly interesting.

Whether we win or lose, we must play fairly.

This is fairly good except for minor mistakes.

Teachers should deal fairly with their pupils.

Parents should deal fairly with their children.

Whether you win or lose, you should play fairly.

If you treat him fairly, he will be fair with you.

We need some fairly rigid cardboard to make signs with.

I dream of a society whose wealth is distributed fairly.

Sophie is fairly quiet by nature, but she is very sweet.

Anne inclines to stay fairly quiet in social situations.

My neighbor reckons I’ll be able to sell my car fairly quickly.

Tanabata comes up in manga a lot so I also know it fairly well.

Young Martin spent a fairly quiet childhood in Atlanta, Georgia.

CPIt’s rather cold today, but I think it’ll be fairly warm tomorrow.

There is fairly little representation of women in this country’s government.

Nicotine patches seem to be a fairly effective cure for cigarette addiction.

He does things at a fairly slow pace, but they are nonetheless very well done.

Tofu has a fairly bland taste, but it’s not bad when mixed into a vegetable sauté.

Our sun is a fairly average star in a fairly average neighborhood in the universe.

Wild bears can be tamed fairly easily if they are captured while still very young.

His breathing difficulties can be remedied with a fairly simple surgical procedure.

Crime in the urban areas seems to have remained fairly stable these past few years.

The most populous regions of Canada are located fairly close to the American border.

A good compost has a fairly even mixture of materials with carbon and nitrogen in it.

We go to that nightclub fairly frequently, so the people that work there know us now.

My neighbor made a fortune by investing in Microsoft when the company was fairly new.

Marty has always been very coordinated, and seems to pick up new sports fairly easily.

My sister was fairly slim as a child, but has had to fight obesity all her adult life.

Make your speech fairly brief, and make lots of jokes, and the audience will love you.

Other than the fact that he was born with two heads, he is a fairly normal sort of guy.

Photo radar seems to be fairly successful in enforcing speed limits on our highways.

engageThe heart rate of a healthy person is fairly constant, and does not generally fluctuate much.

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