far above in a sentence

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He is far above me in skiing.

As a businessman he is far above me.

Well, even so my score is far above yours isn’t it?

What did you say!?

If I was to go all out you’d be as nothing to me!
A “Micro Bloon” spherical capsule on a test flight, far above the Earth.

365119 In other words, the world’s supply of oil remains far above its demand.

Land and houses were selling at a price far above their “real” underlying values.

far above us, three figures were standing on what was once a lookout point beside the lake.

But despite the drop, both components of the ZEW “remain far above their historical averages.”

347584 In 2011, the CHP won 44 pct of the vote in Izmir, far above its 26 percent national share.

He’s averaging 10.2 yards per attempt, second-best in the NFL and far above his 7.16 career average.