fast in a sentence

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Learn how to use fast in a sentence – Example sentences:

I acclimated too fast for one thing.

To acclimatize oneself against the flurry, have opponents attack you using multiple techniques in fast succession.

This thing is absurdly , unprecedentedly fast.

Both are heavy and sink very fast into the abyss .

A true fast is complete abstinence from food of any kind.

How fast he runs!He can run so fast!How fast she swims!How fast he can run!How fast Taro can run!I can swim fast.

He can run fast.

How fast she is running!My pulse is fast.

He can swim fast.

How fast Miss Kanda runs!He is fast runner.

He runs very fast.

I can run as fast.

Pitch a fast ball.

He talks too fast.

How fast he speaks English!My heart’s beating so fast!He was fast asleep.

Naoko can run fast.

He is a fast runner.

Need he run so fast?

I tried to run fast.

He drives very fast.

How fast does he run?

He is a fast speaker.

I can swim very fast.

He can swim very fast.

He can’t run very fast.

I run as fast as Jim.

CNHe runs as fast as you.

Naoko is a fast runner.

The car is running fast.

I held fast to his hand.

The baby is fast asleep.

The tide is rising fast.

The snow is falling fast.

What a fast runner Miss Kanda is!How fast the new Shinkansen goes!My heart is beating fast.

Her arms were bound fast.

He is fast with his hand.

Miss Kanda runs very fast.

A horse can run very fast.

He couldn’t run very fast.

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