first in a sentence

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Learn how to use first in a sentence – Example sentences:

First there are paper fans or accordion flowers.

At first, he accompanied himself playing the accordion .

The first night there I was accosted by three men.

We processed our first live direct deposit Accounts Payable run today.

It was the institute’s first arts accession .

These two were an accident-prone singing duo who were in the pilot but only actually lasted throughout the first season.

The first season received near universal acclaim .

The first season received universal critical acclaim .

Malekith’s voice was the first to be raised in acclamation .

First-timers may have little difficulty acclimatizing on the First Person Shooter game play auto technician.

We got enough time before the first match to completely acclimatise .

The new arrivals had to be acclimatised first.

But first they must be acclimatised .

The answer is almost absurdly simple : They spoke first.

His first year has been an abysmal failure.

September, and Aberdeen’s first match was a home tie against SPL newcomers Hamilton Academical .

First, what were the reasons for such widespread abstention ?

The first step to abstention is to have incentive.

Galen is the 540-something-year-old First Wizard of Droon and a person of awesome power, if sometimes absentminded and forgetful.

The first cable was allowed to abrade on the laying vessel’s bulwark and broke.

The first major application of was abrasive and cutting tools.

Critics cited this as abridging First Amendment rights.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor: So where’s the First Amendment abridgement ?

The first encyclopedias in vernacular language were translations or abridgements of works in Latin.

Harvard University in May canceled the same event on their campus without fear of legal reprisal or First Amendment abridgement .

The above-mentioned treatise was a first step in this regard.

History’s biggest secret ever was the Manhattan Project which built the first A-Bomb .

After the first fight, A-Bomb discovers that he has been scratched by a Wendigo.

The first abbess was a “Arellano”.

Ethelburga served as the Abbey’s first abbess .

They are often abbreviated to the first three letters.

It was, Verdeț said, “the first self-abasement of Ceaușescu’s political career.

Let all understand, that if I justly repudiated Eve, the first queen of the earth, on account of her disobedience, I now place thee and establish thee in the highest dignity, showing my magnificence and power in dealing with thy purest humility and self-abasement .” 92.

I read books of devotion – I read the expressions of self-abasement , uttered by the holiest of saints and martyrs, individuals by the side of whom I am utterly worthless, – but I cannot realise these expressions, though they befit me far more than they who first used them!

He also writes that she should not take Holy Communion often – the spiritual father should first incline her to humility and self-abasement .

Gentlemen first.

It’s April first.

He was shy at first.

Clarity comes first.

She is first in line.

In all matters, safety first!He got the first prize.

Our first class is math.

He took the first prize.

He was the first to come.

Is this your first visit?

First come, first served.

Please wait on him first.

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